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Create Your Path: Build The Bridge Within

Written and recorded by Mac Brazina aka @the_human_builder ( 

Press play below to listen to the Cultivate the Creative art installation, Create Your Path: Build the Bridge Within, at Retrotech Exchange

About the writer:

Mac began her coaching career in mentorship nearly 10 years ago and has since expanded her understanding of the human experience, mental, and physical health, beyond anything she could have imagined.

Mac is an Alternative Mental Health and Integrative Wellbeing coach, writer and speaker, with a multidisciplinary study in communications, human behavior, psychology, health and wellness.

Her degree is in Communications with a focus in interpersonal communications. She is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Suicide Prevention, and also holds a Gold’s Gym sponsored certification in Personal Training.

She has been personally mentored by: the director of education for Gold's Gym, leading orthopedists, physical therapists, sport’s medicine physicians, holistic practitioners, and professional athletes. Moreover, she is ruthlessly committed to feeding her brain with rigorous continued education.

The Human Builder Experience flips traditional health coaching and development on its head. Mac takes a multidisciplinary approach to development by putting humanity at the forefront of the process, complimented by an integrative action plan to elevate, support, and optimize, the psycho-physical health, wellbeing, behavioral change, and performance, of the individual. Ultimately rebuilding, and strengthening, the bridge between brain and body.

She fosters a nurturing, honest, grounded, no-bullsh*t, approach rooted in education, humanity, tangibility and accessibility. She seamlessly integrates the mental, physical, and existential, in a way that equips individuals to take radical ownership, exercise their autonomy, and take action on their wellbeing their own (you)nique way.

This approach has yielded consistently lasting, unprecedented, results for clients mentally, professionally, physically and personally. 

With a thriving international clientele of humans seeking betterment, high performers, leaders, coaches, athletes, and creatives; ranging in ages from 21 to 55, running the gamut of backgrounds, and beliefs, Mac remains firm in her stance that mental and physical health, and wellbeing, is a human right, and deserves to be made autonomously accessible, actionable, adaptable and affordable, to anyone. 

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