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Artist Highlight: Shawn “Fabstraq” Rainey

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

One of the greatest ways we can celebrate and support artists in our communities is to feature and highlight their art here on our website. We love to hear the vision behind their creations and what inspires them. As a part of this community, we want to highlight artists who push the limits of creativity and invest their time within their own communities. Shawn, or Fabstraq, does just that! Read more below as he shares his personal experience through art and how he spends his time teaching students art in the Tampa Bay area!

Source: @fabstraq919 Instagram

Meet Shawn “Fabstraq” Rainey!

When did you first start creating art? Tell me about your current style and how it has evolved/changed since you first began.

I started creating when I was 10 years old. At that time I would draw comic book characters and graffiti. As I grew I felt abstract art was more for me as it let me explore its freeness with no rules.

Where/who/what do you often gain your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from my feelings and emotions. From joy to anger and all in between. Each emotion fills me with an artistic energy that I call an “itch” that call only be satisfied when I paint.

Do you have a piece that is particularly meaningful to you, and why?

The piece that means the most to me is one titled “Blueprint to Forever”. It reminds me to keep my childlike vision while looking forward to growth and adventure. In the painting there are LEGOs which lets the child in me build on new possibilities while the green orb represents my safe place letting me know it’s safe to explore those possibilities.

For me personally, art is beyond the outcome of a finished product but rather the experience of creating. I have heard a lot of artists echo this same sentiment. What does the act of creating mean to you?

The act of creating is a magical experience for me. I completely zone out and let my energy take the drivers seat. Most times I just go with the expression I’m feeling and the colors dictate how the piece will end up.

What is your favorite art supply/tool?

My favorite tool is a putty knife, not even an actual artist tool, I started using by as an experiment. It allows me to apply paint thick layers and I can move paint around the canvas making cool strokes.

What advice would you give to young or new aspiring artists?

My advice to new artists is to always look for new things to improve your craft. Experimental is key, some of my best pieces were done by trying something new or purely by mistake.

Tell me about the role community plays in your life and art.

Being involved in the community is valuable. There are tons of resources that I have learned about from being involved with community events and organizations. I work with kids in the school system as well as kids with learning disabilities and it has taught me that sharing my time, experiences and talent is a great way to ensure the world will have lots of new artists and also to teach that art is a real profession.

Community involvement has gotten my name out more than I was able to do on my own. It has also given my opportunity to do new projects that I have never done opening up a new avenue for my craft.

Check out Fabstraq's art at & follow him on Instagram @fabstraq919

Source: @fabstraq919 Instagram

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