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From Our Director

Dear interested community partner, 


Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in designing and building our Elevate Creativity program! We are so excited to have the opportunity to support the South St. Pete community through our work.  With the support of the Foundation for Healthy St. Petersburg, Cultivate the Creative is dedicated to expanding racial equity in our community and is utilizing the Foundation’s grant funding to invest in the mental health and wellbeing of local high school youth. 


Cultivate the Creative is committed to creating approachable, accessible, and equitable programs that transform future generations and help youth participants navigate their relationship with themselves and others through community collaboration. In the pursuit of this endeavor, we not only intend to elevate the voices of our youth but YOUR voice within our community. We are seeking community experts to help write courses and content for our Elevate Creativity program that holistically address a variety of needs which challenge the mental health and wellbeing of youth today.


We believe that expertise comes from both education AND lived experience. To elevate our mission, we are asking you to join us in this vision to design a course that teaches youth practical skills to manage their mental wellbeing in your respective subject areas. We will be working with a diverse set of students through our program as we are committed to expanding racial equity through our initiatives. Therefore, we want a diverse set of voices and perspectives to guide the work we do and are seeking responses from Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) experts only through this Request for Quotes. 


We believe in the power of creativity as an alchemizing force to transform future generations. We believe it offers an approachable avenue for young people to invest in their mental health and wellness as they access their internal navigation system to unlock a world of their full potential. Our community fosters collaboration in all the work we do, as we know this only cultivates a collective creative vision. We look forward to receiving your application and connecting with you. 


We hope this Request for Quotes (RFQ) process is simple and straightforward, however all questions can be submitted to We challenge you to expand how you can apply your experience to something new and we welcome you to join us in cultivating the creative within. 


On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you for joining us on our quest! 


Kristen Kerr

Founder and Director

Cultivate the Creative

Who We Are

Cultivate the Creative utilizes creativity to empower and unlock the potential of all youth. We are committed to offering approachable, accessible, and equitable programs that foster community and support emotional, financial, physical, and artistic development and growth.


Founded in 2020, Cultivate the Creative has been working to build a strong foundation that will support our vision to make mental health resources through expressive arts widely accessible to youth. As we expand our organization’s capacity to do so, we believe this happens by creating community, resources, and a foundation that will enable us to build a support network that supports human wholeness and wellbeing. 


Explore our website to learn more about us and our programs

Program Description

The Elevate Creativity Pilot Program is a program that will be offered to high school youth in South St. Petersburg, FL. The program seeks to cultivate the full creative potential of each participant by leveraging expressive arts therapy modalities and providing tools and resources that:

  1. Empower self-leadership;

  2. Develop habits for physical and financial wellness;

  3. Create personal strategies for effective communication; and 

  4. Foster a community that allows young individuals to to test their ideas, create freely, and live their truth boldly without consequences, discrimination, retaliation, or judgment.

This program will provide weekly 90-minute meetups and supplemental weekly video challenges with a themed creativity prompt that is completed independently. By the end of the program, participants will have a portfolio of work that represents their authentic expression and development.

Curriculum Framework

Scope of Work

Cultivate the Creative is seeking quotes from vendors to develop curriculum and video content for our Elevate Creativity Program. The selected vendor will play a crucial role in creating engaging and informative courses and video content for high school youth, grades 9-12th, focusing on fostering creativity while addressing essential life skills.The vendor will develop curriculum for one course on one of the following subject areas:


1. Financial management

2. Physical movement and nutrition

3. Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Resolution: Addresses family systems, addiction, & relationships

4. Preparing for the Future (decision-making/ career planning/college preparation)



1. The selected vendor should be an expert on the subject matter selected.

2. The selected vendor should be a part of the BlPOC community, whose voice and lived experience influences the course curriculum and is elevated within the community.

2. The course must include strategies to address mental health and wellness within the chosen topic area.

4. The curriculum should be developed based on the vendor's lived experience and education in the subject matter.

5. The selected expert will  draft materials for one 45 minute course, lead that course one time via Zoom, develop a creativity prompt  to supplement the lesson, and record a short video introducing the course and providing the creativity prompt to youth participants.


  1. Each course should be developed in a way that is accessible, understandable, and approachable to high school youth.

  2. The curriculum content should not exceed 5 pages and will be delivered within 45 minutes or less. 

  3. The creative project challenge should be adaptable across creative mediums. 

  4. Video content development should include information for a 90 second video that includes the weekly theme and creative project challenge. 

  5. Preferred: The selected expert should have experience working with high school youth.


RFQ Release: February 29, 2024

Information Session (will be recorded): March 12, 2024, 6:30 pm

You can now watch our recorded information session here!  

(For any additional questions, please submit them to

FAQ Released: March 18, 2024

RFQ Submission Deadline: March 27, 2024

Vendor Selection: March 31, 2024

Notifications Sent: Week of April 7, 2024


The selected vendor should propose their hourly rate and estimated hours for development. The total cost for the development of one course should not exceed $1,000.


Interested vendors should submit the following information:

  1. Proposed hourly rate and estimated hours for curriculum development, content development for short video, and recording time. CTC will provide all equipment for video production. Video recording time will take approximately 2 hours.

  2. Brief overview of experience as a BIPOC individual within the chosen topic area (submission acceptable written/video).

  3. Sample curriculum or course materials developed in the past, if available.

  4. A resume or CV outlining experience in the relevant subject matter selected over the last 5 years.

  5. A response indicating the extent the applicant has volunteered or worked with youth before. Explain your experience and at what capacity. (submission acceptable written/video).

  6. Reflection Prompt: Provide a response to the following prompt (submission acceptable written/video):

    1. What would have helped you as a high school youth in your selected subject area that would have transformed your future? 

  7. Any additional relevant information or qualifications.

Q & A

Question 1: Do I need to develop a course curriculum for my RFQ application? 

Answer: No, we are just asking that if you already have written curriculum from a different project and you’re able/willing to share a sample, to please attach it to your application. 


Question 2: If selected as a vendor, will a lesson template be provided? 

Answer: Yes, we will provide a curriculum framework and lesson template to help you structure your course. 


Question 3: Will the lesson plan cover 90 minutes or 45 minutes?

Answer: Participants will meet for a full 90 minute session once a week. While the curriculum will include questions for reflection/small group discussion, we do not want actual course content to last longer than 45 minutes. We want to ensure our programs are interactive and concise to keep youth participants engaged. 


Question 4: Do I have to upload both a written and video response? 

Answer: No, you can choose either one. Our website application gives you a spot to upload one or the other but you only need to select one method for submission. 


Question 5: Do I need to have work experience with youth? 

Answer: No, although it is a qualifying factor for us to prioritize a submitted application. If you have experience with working with youth as a parent, relative, volunteer work, etc. that’ll also be helpful for our understanding. 


Question 6: Do I need to have video experience/video equipment to be selected?

Answer: No, we have hired trained multi-media production specialists who have the equipment needed to create the short videos that youth will receive. They have experience working with those with little to no experience being on camera. They will work with you to feel comfortable on the camera to elevate for your voice and message. 

Submit an application today!

Interested partners should complete the form below.

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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to elevate creativity in our community! We will be in touch with next steps once your application has been reviewed.

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